Many home buyers new to the area ask me when viewing homes for sale in Burnt Store Isles, Burnt Store Lakes, Burnt Store Meadows and Burnt Store Marina, where did the name Burnt Store come from?  Although I try to educate myself on the history of each area I service, I've heard so many different versions I don't know fact from fiction.  I certainly welcome any feedback or input from my readers to educate me.  The shortest story I've heard is that back in the 1800's a general created a trading post to capture the native Americans (Seminole) to relocate them to Oklahoma.  The Seminoles were too smart to fall for that ploy.  Then a hurricane in the late 1800's hit the area damaging the store beyond repair.  The abandoned store was then burned down by the Seminoles.  The store was relocated up the Peace River to Bowling Green.  After Florida legislature banned the sale or trade of Whiskey, the Seminoles decided to burn down the second store.  It's a shame everyone could not just get along but I guess something is bound to happen when you try to force someone out of their homeland after they were there first.